Quick Tips for Preparing Your Home


This post provides you with some simple tips to make sure your home is ready for professional real estate photography. This is only a start but includes cleaning and decorating. This applies can apply both residential and commercial listings.

When it comes to making your home look its best, there are a lot of factors that can play a role. In addition to this quick guide your real estate agent, as a professional marketer is a great resource. This post only covers the basics, our downloadable checklist is on its way and will be of great assistance.

Clear the Space

You need to make sure that your house is clutter free. Potential buyers don’t want to be distracted by clutter and mess when you’re trying to get some great photos of your home.

Plan ahead of time and don’t try to do too much at once. Cleaning up should be done in a manner that makes your house look like a home. It needs to be beautifully presented to capture.  When you do this, you can quickly see how much you have to work on.

Some vital key points are:

  • Pay particular attention to the presentation of the kitchen by storing away dishes and appliances.
  • Clean the floors removing obvious scuff marks, these can be glaring focal points in the photo.
  • Ensure the blinds and curtains are working, photographs with broken blinds are notorious for bad photos.
  • Wash the windows, we open the curtains to showcase outdoors, hazy windows really show through the camera.
  • Family portraits, fridge magnets and children sketches removed. Put away anything not for the public eye to see.
  • Clear newspapers, papers and magazines from desks, tables and benches.
  • Clear the back and front yards of any clutter. Check each room and the view outside, clearing anything that may be unsightly.

On the day we are happy to assist with clearing the area, such as moving boxes or shifting decor. We are under a strict schedule so we would appreciate if it is kept to minimal.

This applies to photography only and with video services clearing the space is even more important.

Other things to consider

A quick list of other things to consider are:

  • Sketch a rough layout of the room making rough measurements. This way you can plan ahead with moving furniture.
  • Modernize dull and dated homes with vibrant pops of colour.
  • Don’t over decorate to reintroduce clutter into the space.
  • Create a lifestyle, explore online resources such as Pinterest or other real estate.
  • Plants add life to the property. Consider the location of plants, not to be in the way of the beautiful architecture.
  • Pay particular attention to the kitchen as it is the first place buyers visit.
  • Keep a similar style throughout the home.
  • Make sure that lights are the same temperature throughout the home, nothing worse than a warm and cool light next to each other.
  • Display a platter of fruits or a fruit bowl
  • Make the beds, consider adding extra pillows to add height.
  • On the day, have one last run through to ensure every area is in tip-top presentation.
  • For commercial properties ensure that all the important services can easily be captured.
  • Video the home in the perspective of the potential buyer, not as the vendor. Then rewatch the video paying particular attention to any eyesores.


In conclusion, put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer. This post only covers the basics, your real estate agent is an excellent resource. We are also working on a downloadable PDF checklist to help prepare your home for photographs.

Real Estate Photos Melbourne are here to help. With options from floor plan sketching to drone. With small, medium and large packages we can help every vendor. Reach out when you’re home is ready to photograph.

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